Frequently Asked Questions

General Cable Questions

What cables do I need for my build?

My PSU is not listed on the site, will you make cables for it?

What if my graphics card model is not listed in your dropdown menus?

What if my motherboard model is not listed in your dropdown menus?

I'm changing cases, will the cables I have from you for X case work with Y case?

Why do some wires "cross" in some of my cables? Is this normal or necessary?

My case is not listed on the site, do you make custom cables for other cases not listed on your site?

Do you make cables that are compatible with the NCASE M1 and the 180 degree low profile adapters?

What is the difference between normal and flipped PSU in the FormD T1?

Can I mention a different PSU model in my order note and have you build cables for that model?

Do the Corsair SF450/SF600/SF750 cables work for both the gold and platinum versions of the PSU?

What power supplies will my cables work for?

Can you send me pictures of the sleeving used on your cables?

Why do you ask for my motherboard model?

Why do you ask for my GPU model?

Do you test my custom cables before you ship them to me? Can you guarantee that they will work with my components?

What are the sense wires?

Why does the 24 pin cable for my PSU appear unavailable when selecting 'No' for sense wires?

Why do you ask for my specific Silverstone PSU model?

What are the advantages of choosing a 4+4 connector for the EPS/CPU cable instead of an 8 pin?

Do you offer sleeved SATA data cables?

Do you have any “B stock” or pre-made cables?

Do you make cables for the Dan A4 with Asetek 545LC/645LT below the PSU?

Will you sleeve cables in a custom type of sleeving?

Can you combine 2 x 8 pin (6+2) PCIE cables into dual 6+2 cables similar to the Corsair stock PSU cables? (daisy chaining)


Do you offer rush processing?

Will you ship to my country?

What are your shipping rates to my country?

I didn't get an order confirmation / shipping notification email. Where is it?

How do I use Shop Pay and Shop Pay Installments?