Lead Time, Shipping, Returns, Cancellations

Lead Time

The time we need to complete an order varies based on demand and order queue at that moment. The current lead time for 'normal processing time' orders is 4-5 weeks for all cables from the date of placing the order to the date of the cables being shipped*.* Our products are handmade, customized items and we thank you for your understanding with this!

*This lead time excludes Rush Processing, which you can read about below, as well as clearance cables. Clearance cables will ship within 10 business days, provided there are not custom cables in their same order. In that case, they will ship in the normal processing (or Rush) window.

If you want your cables to ship sooner than this window, you may pay a Rush Processing Fee to jump to the front of our order queue. We offer one Rush Processing Speed: 10 business days Rush Processing. This ensures that your cables will ship out within 1 business week of your purchase date. Please be sure to add your choice for each individual cable in your order at the time of customization. (i.e. if you are ordering 4 cables and want to rush them, you should select Rush Processing for every item in your cart.) **This option is available in the same cable designer area where you choose your colors and components for each individual cable.



We offer a variety of shipping speeds. We also ship worldwide. International buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that may apply. Please know that international shipping can be unpredictable at times, and we are not responsible for delays due to customs.


International shipping notice:

We offer two types of international shipping services - DHL Express Worldwide, an express service, and UPS. 


Please note that the DHL Express Worldwide service is fully trackable worldwide from the time it leaves our office.


Package Didn't Arrive On Time?

If your tracking link tells you that your package has been delivered, but it has not yet been delivered, please don't panic! This seems to be a common glitch with the different delivery companies we use. Usually orders are delivered within 24-48 hours after a package is marked as "delivered." We also encourage you to check any cameras nearby to ensure that no theft has occurred.


Returns and Exchanges

We do not offer returns or exchanges on custom cables due to the highly personalized nature of the item. However, if there are any issues with your cables upon arrival please contact us with your order number and issue, and we will take care of you right away.


Cancellation Policy

All cancellation requests are subject to a 5% cancellation fee*. This fee is due to changes in refund policies from our payment processors. 

*If you choose to utilize Shop Pay Installments, your cancellation will be subject to a 6% cancellation fee, as their transaction fees are higher than those for standard, lump sum payments. 



pslate customs Shipping Coverage 

 We will now guarantee shipment for all locations (both in the US and International), no need to purchase additional shipping insurance through Route or any other third party insurance companies. 


What do we cover?

We will replace and re-send orders that are “lost in transit”*. 
*“Lost in transit” will be defined as the following:

  • Domestic (US) orders: No tracking updates for 14+ days
  • International orders: No tracking updates for 28+ days

"No tracking updates" means just what it says; if there are no updates in tracking for the number of days listed above, we will re-make and re-ship your order.

We will replace and re-send orders that are damaged during shipping. If your cables arrive bent, crushed, broken, or are otherwise unusable due to damages from shipping, we will rebuild and replace your order. Please take photos of your package and cables immediately upon receiving it if you think this applies to you, and include them in your email to Support. 


We will replace and re-send orders that are faulty or defective upon arrival. If your cables are still in “new” condition, have not been changed*, bent at extreme angles, or otherwise changed or tampered with but do not work properly with the components you listed in your order**, we can re-build and replace them. If you think this applies to you, please be sure to include detailed photos showing the problems with your cables, both as evidence of the defective cable, and to allow us to see what went wrong and avoid repeating a mistake. 

*Please note that any changes or damages made by the customer will nullify the ability to have them replaced by pslate customs. We only cover defective cables if they arrive in that condition or break during normal use.

**Please note that your cables may not be compatible with components other than those you listed in your pslate customs order. This can include voltage pinouts, direction of clips, length and curve of cables, etc. If you attempt to use our cables with alternate components (without checking with us first), we will not be responsible for any damages caused to cables or components, and will not replace your cables.


We will replace and re-send orders that arrive with incorrect cables or colors. Occasionally when building hand-crafted products, human errors happen (try as we might to avoid them). So if your cables arrive and are the incorrect length, color, build, pinout, etc. and do not match what you ordered, we will replace your order as quickly as possible. If this happens to you, please be sure to include a photo of the cables you received and your packing slip in the email you send to support@pslate customs.


Please note that all damaged, faulty, defective, or incorrect order issues must be reported within 15 days of delivery. If they are reported after this timeframe, pslate customs will no longer be responsible for replacing the cables in question.



What DON’T we cover?

× We don’t cover lost or stolen packages once marked as “Delivered”. Please be sure to be present when your package is delivered, have it delivered to a secure location, or utilize some type of porch security such as “Ring” doorbells to ensure that your package is received safely, timely, and intact. If you lose your package, or it is stolen after delivery, we will not replace your cables.


× We don’t cover late deliveries. While we always ship our packages out within the shipping window we guarantee (2-3 weeks for “Normal Processing;” or 10 Business Days for “Rush Processing;”), we cannot guarantee the speed or route a shipment will take after we drop it off with your selected postal carrier. It is entirely out of our hands and up to that carrier. 

While we understand late deliveries, or deliveries that take longer than expected are frustrating, we can neither affect or guarantee the speed of shipping, nor will we refund or replace an order that doesn’t arrive as quickly as you hope it will. Sorry! 

The only situation in which we will replace an incorrect shipping speed order is listed above, when an item is “lost in transit” and has NO tracking updates for 14+ days (US Domestic) or 28+ days (International). 


× We don’t cover cables that you ordered incorrectly. Please see our returns and cancellation policy for more information on this topic. Always double check your order in the cart to ensure that your case, components, and color choices are all listed as you wish them to be built. 


pslate customs reserves the right to make the final determination of whether a claim is covered or not on a case-by-case basis.

pslate customs Shipping Coverage FAQs

 Do I have to pay extra for this coverage?

No! This shipping coverage costs nothing extra! Just design your cables, choose your shipping method and speed, and you’re all set!


How do I “file a claim” for my cables if they are damaged or lost in transit?

Simply email us at support@pslatecustoms.com . Please reference your five-digit Order Number, describe your problem, and include any relevant photos of your cables/package detailing the issue. We’ll almost always get back to you within 24 hours or one business day if you email after work hours. 

Please note that all damaged, faulty, defective, or incorrect order issues must be reported within 15 days of delivery. If they are reported after this timeframe, pslate customs will no longer be responsible for replacing the cables in question.


Where can I find my tracking number?

When we ship your order, we will also send a shipping notification email to the email account associated with your order. That shipping notification will include a tracking number and link. You can choose to follow that link directly, paste the tracking number into the search bar of your chosen postal carrier, or paste it into the search bar at ParcelsApp.com

Please note that it can sometimes take 24-48 hours from the time of your shipping email notification to the time that your package is officially “scanned in” at the postal facility of your choice. Don’t worry! This is normal. 


How will pslate customs replace my order?

If one of these covered scenarios happens to you, you should immediately contact us at support@pslatecustoms.com with the order number, details of the issue, and any relevant photos. We will then get back to you with our decision to cover or not cover the issue you have presented.

If we determine that your issue will be covered, we will re-make and re-ship your order out within 5 business days (usually less). 

For Domestic (US) orders, we will re-ship your cables for free.

For International orders, we will re-ship with your choice of either a) your original shipping method, or b) UPS Expedited or DHL Express. If you choose to re-ship with UPS Expedited or DHL Express, we will charge you $15 to upgrade your shipping.