What Cables Do I Need?

What cables do you offer?

The cables we offer are 24 pin Cables, EPS Cables, PCIE Cables, SATA Cables, and Molex Cables. We also offer power switch upgrades for several (not all) cases, as well as cable extensions for full and mid tower PCs.


These are all the cases we currently support:

What if my case is not listed?

Unfortunately, if your case is not listed above, we do not currently build and sell cables for that case, with the exception of Extension Cables. You can choose your own length and colors to design extension cables for full or mid tower cases!

What cables do I need for my build?

All builds require a 24 pin cable and an EPS cable (see below). 

Only some builds require PCIE, SATA, and Molex cables, and the components you’ll use in your build (GPU, SSD, HDD) will all determine what you need (see below). 

The Anti-Vandal Power Switches are available for select cases only.

As you can imagine, each build is slightly different, and your cable needs will depend on the components you use in your case. Here is a breakdown of what cables you’ll need for your build. 


All Cases (and all motherboards)

  • 24 Pin Cable
  • 8 pin (4+4) EPS Cable

NCase M1, Ghost S1, all Sliger Cases, FormD T1, Lazer3D LZ7 / XTD

Depending on your GPU:

  • 1-3 x some combination of 6 pin PCIE,  8 (6+2) pin PCIE, or 12 pin PCIE cables

**If you don’t know what you need, I recommend navigating to the manufacturer's website and checking the specifications for power requirements. **

The vast majority of recent graphics cards require a single 8 pin PCIE cable, 8 & 6 pin PCIE cables, or 2x 8 pin PCIE cables.

If you’re using an SSD, HDD, or an AIO liquid cooler:

  • 1 SATA connector per device

For example, one 2.5” SSD needs a single SATA power cable. Two drives will need either a dual SATA power cable or 2x single SATA cables. Two drives plus an AIO requiring SATA power will need either a dual SATA power cable and a single SATA power OR 3x single SATA power cables.

SATA power cables are used to connect 2.5/3.5" HDDs or SSDs. They are also used to power most AIO liquid coolers. Again, you’ll want to check the manufacturer’s website and their requirements.

If you’re using a custom watercooling pump:

  • Molex power cable

Molex power cables are most commonly used to power custom watercooling pumps and some fan controllers, but again you’ll want to check the manufacturer’s website and product specifications.