• Clack-Attack Launch Sale!

    Joel again - back with a sale announcement and store updates!  First off - the sale! From now until 11:59:59 PM on may May 17, we have two discount...
  • Website & Store Updates Post-Move

    Hey everyone,  Joel here - back with more updates now that the dust has settled after our move. We're set up in the new location and keeping up wit...
  • It's Moving Week! Welcome to Clack Attack!

    Hi everyone!  It's Joel again... and it's moving week for our team!  Starting in April, we will begin operating under our new name as "Clack Attack...
  • Sorry for the Delays - Upcoming Changes for pslate customs!

    Hi everyone - it’s Joel from pslate customs

    I want to apologize for the delays in communications... We've got some big changes coming!