Sorry for the Delays - Upcoming Changes for pslate customs!

Hi everyone - it’s Joel from pslate customs

I want to apologize for the delays in communications on our Support email line, and want to assure everyone that I am making my way through your support inquiries, despite being particularly slow about it right now. 

The past month or so has been focused on building, shipping, responding to support inquiries, and working through big changes for pslate customs.  I’m excited to announce that pslate customs will be rebranding and moving office over the coming weeks. 

Rebranding is not a decision we have made lightly - but it is a necessary path for us to move forward, and (something positive here – reinvigorate, deliver better than ever, etc). Before the new year, Phil (the pslate of pslate customs) made the decision to step away from the business to focus on other endeavors. My coworkers (our builders) and I have been organizing our plan to continue operations, and provide quality products and services to the PC Building community that has made our existence possible. 

The new brand name and logo will be revealed in the coming weeks - while the existing team builds the same cables for you, and continues fulfilling orders placed prior to the rebranding. We plan to maintain pslate customs branding with the same measurements and designs for cables and look forward to adding new products to the store after the dust settles. This breath of fresh air is likely to come in the form of some color options (we haven’t offered silver unsleeved wires since 2021 due to supply and insulation issues with material) as well as some 3D printed accessories - such as case feet and other in-house designed accessories. 

Current order lead times listed on our website is 5-6 weeks to ship from orders being placed. This estimate will remain for the next month or so as we transition into our new space. Efforts will be made to get orders out quicker as we can - but I am only going to be able to pack/ship orders 2-3 days out of the week for the next handful of weeks. 

Thank you again to everyone for your support both in the past and moving forward! 

A few bonus FAQ bits: 

  • THOR ZONE NANOQ: We do not have the Nanoq explicitly listed on our website, but cables for the FormD T1 will work with this case. You can order T1 cables for your Nanoq build with confidence for the fit. 
  • Corsair Type 5 Cables: The new Type 5 cable (Corsair SF1000L, and SF850L PSUs) uses a connector that is similar in size to the 12 pin PCIE and 12VHWPR cables. Unfortunately, we are not equipped to produce cables at scale necessary to expand support to include Corsair Type 5 cables. Since the size of the PSU connectors on these cables are so small, we would be unable to offer sleeved Type 5 cable options - because of this, we do not anticipate adding support for Corsair Type 5.
  • GPU Lists & Missing Products: Graphics Cards and Motherbaords released since August 2023 still have to be added to our store. I particularly want to address this for the RTX 40-series Super releases that hit the market in January, but this can apply across the board. It’ll still be a few weeks before I can update the GPU lists, but selecting the closest match in size works for the RTX 40-series; 4070 Ti Super and 4070 Super will get the same cable as the 4070 Ti, this goes for the 4080 Super using the same cable length as the 4080.
    For 8- and 6 pin cables, make sure that you’re selecting a GPU with the same clip orientation. In most cases, selecting the same-named partner GPU in a different chipset typically works (i.e. the TUF 7800 XT and TUF 7900 XT would get the same PCIE cable) 
  • Product List Updates: GPU and Motherboard lists will be updated as soon as I can get the opportunity. This probably won’t feasibly happen until after we have moved and rebranded - I’m hoping to accomplish this at the end of April. 
  • 16 pin to 16 pin 12VHWPR cables: Yes - we can build these! We only have a 2x8 and 3x8 pin connector option listed on our store, but if you mention 16 pin to 16 pin or 12VHWPR to 12VHWPR connectors in your notes when ordering, I can build to match… Or I actively try to build 16 pin to 16 pin 12VHWPR cables when orders are submitted for the ROG Loki or SilverStone Extreme 850R.