Clack-Attack Launch Sale!

Joel again - back with a sale announcement and store updates! 

First off - the sale! From now until 11:59:59 PM on may May 17, we have two discount options are available!

Use the code MrFantastic for a 15% discount on Sleeved Cable Extensions and save 10% on all other orders using the code ClackAttack10!

Along with the sale, we're immediately announcing new options for a handful of products that we already have! Here's a list of recent updates and options now available: 

  • 12VHWPR cables are now listed with options for 2x 8 pin connectors, 3x 8 pin connectors, and 12VHWPR to 12VHWPR connection. 
  • 12VHWPR Unsleeved Choose Your Length cables are now available and range from 100mm to 600mm long. 
  • Sleeved Cable Extensions now feature the option to add on an adapter across the board, ranging from 100mm to 400mm long.

Also worth mentioning is that we have the materials to make 12VHWPR unsleeved cables available in red and blue wire options, but it's been a challenge matching the sense wire insulation color to what we use for unsleeved cables.

An example of how the the red and blue sense wire looks with the rest of the red and blue wire we use for cables is provided in the picture below.

With the variance in mind - I'm happy to build 12VHWPR cables in red and blue options on request. Just leave a note in your order that this is what you would like, and we'll take care of the rest!