It's Moving Week! Welcome to Clack Attack!

Hi everyone! 

It's Joel again... and it's moving week for our team! 

Starting in April, we will begin operating under our new name as "Clack Attack" with our new url: with our new logo still in the works.

Our building staff has hit a stopping point on order assembly while we prepare and pack to move, but I am still going to be shipping out a handful of orders - both standard processing and rush orders due to ship - over the next day or two while we prepare for the move. 


While Phil officially steps away from the business, the builders and myself have been taking on more and more of the daily operations and responsibilities for the company from him over the past year and a half and then some. So the only major changes are going to be what you see here - the name we operate under, and the physical location where we work. 


We aren't going anywhere!