Summer Updates Inbound!

Hi everyone! Joel here, back with some updates after our move and settlement in the new workshop! 


I wanted to come back with a little bit of an update. First off - we have caught up a bit to lead times! Our official estimate for lead times is currently 4-5 weeks to build and ship most of our "normal processing" orders; our trend at this moment is to have orders finished and shipped within about 30 days (excepting a few stragglers). 
We intend to have no orders older than 30 days before the sleeved build staff takes a long weekend for the July 4th holiday.  We'll be back into full swing next week without falling off-track!

"Rush Processing" orders are still available, and are pulled to the front of the order queue when they're received. To allow our crew some opportunity a little bit of breathing room for some summer vacation time, the lead time for "Rush Processing" has been updated to 10 business days. 

I'm working on getting a few things together to give some easy-access answers to compatibility questions between some PSUs and cases. Once those are available, a chart will be made available on our to help pick the right cables to pair with select ATX-sized PSUs, and matching pinouts across other options. 

We recently have added support for the PowerSpec PS 750/850SFXG line of power supplies, and will soon be officially adding the Phanteks Revolt series to our Unsleeved Choose Your Length cables as a supported option.


On the subject of Power Supplies: I've realized this through a couple of orders in the past month or so, and will be addressing this in option updates when I have the opportunity. 

The Cooler Master V SFX Series has gotten a little confusing. We have support for the V SFX series, but the newer V SFX Gold 750/850 ATX 3.0 and the V550/650/750/850 SFX GOLD are mostly compatible, but not the same. These two variations have different auxiliary connections for Molex and SATA power. We do have the means to account for this difference, but if you are ordering for the V SFX Gold 750/850 ATX 3.0, please mention in your order and e-mail me with your Order # so we can build the correct SATA/Molex cables for you! 
We also have support for the Cooler Master V1100SFX and V1300SFX PSUs - though those are limited to Choose Your Length Unsleeved due to the extended connectors on these power supplies. 



The V SFX Gold 750/850 ATX 3.0 uses 6 pin Aux connections

The V550/650/750/850 SFX GOLD uses a "Flat 5" pin Aux connection


I will be adding a separate listing for the V SFX Gold 750/850 ATX 3.0 PSU's in the coming weeks. I apologize for the inconvenience in the meantime. 


Last, but not least, there's one more thing around our workspace that will be getting a little bit more mileage soon! We have have had a couple of 3D printers in the workshop that historically have been used primarily for printing combs for sleeved cables. 

I'm considering adding cable combs as an option for our unsleeved Choose Your Length cables to keep wires neatly gathered in your build for routing. I also have a 3D printed keyboard design that has been previously released under the "Clack-Attack" name prior to our recent rebranding that may be making a return in the coming months. 

Alongside that - I'm happy to announce the addition of something completely different to our store for hobbyists, tabletop gamers, and more. 

Introducing: The War-Ganizer storage system from 3 Five Designs. This entirely 3D Printed storage solution is designed with tabletop gaming in mind, and has flexibility to fit most hobbies!


All War-Ganizers are printed-to-order, and are currently shipping out in a 3-week lead time for print & assembly, as well as pictures our own printed units as soon as they come off the printer this week! .

Cases are printed in a combination of PLA and PETG material with trays printed in PLA. Custom faces, side panels, and colors are available already with more options to come! Check them out in the War-Ganizer 2.0 carrier option, or the more compact War-Ganizer Toolbox version. Trays are universal across the War-Ganizer system and can be used interchangeably between different generations and form factors of War-Ganizer carriers! 


Last, but not least, I am attempting to get myself into a bit of a schedule for streaming on Twitch - both during the work day to build cables and orders, and during off hours to relax with hobbies. 
I have recently rebranded my Twitch profile to ClackAttackStreams. I hope that doing this will allow for a bit of easier accessibility for questions that may arise while building out what cables are needed for a build. 

If you'd like to drop in - check it out and come by with questions, or just to lurk!