2021 Cable-lympics

Cue the John Williams music! It's time for the first pslate customs Cable-lympics!!

Our customers, along with their creativity and passion for the SFF and Custom Cable hobby are the reason we do what we do, and it's time to celebrate you!

We always love seeing your fantastic cable, build, and battle station photos, and we'd love to share them with the world. This year we've been inspired by the upcoming 2021 Olympic games, so we've decided to provide a world stage for the first ever (we think) Cable-lympics!

2021 pslate cable-lympics


What it is:

The first-ever pslate customs Cable-lympics is an intense(ly fun) competition in which customers will show off their unique cable designs, PC builds, battle stations, and national pride with their pslate customs cables in three Cable-lympic "Events" beginning July 28, 2021.

All Events will consist of two stages of competition: the Group Stage, and the Finals. Both stages will have brackets consisting of head-to-head photo contests, voted on by our online visitors on social media and our site each day. The winners of each event will earn pslate customs store credits for varying dollar amounts.




Cable-lympic Events:

PC Build / Battlestation Event

This event allows competitors to showcase your pslate custom cables in your pc build or battlestation (aka your computer desk, area, or set up). If your cables are visible in your PC build, desk, office set up, etc, you can send in a photo to compete against others’ build photos. 

Your pslate custom cables should be installed inside your PC for this Event. Your PC may be in a traditional setting (desk, etc.) or not (outdoors, etc.) for this Event; it’s up to you!


Check out this example, "May the Fourth Be With You"


Cable Design Event

This event allows competitors to showcase their unique pslate custom cables they have designed. If wanted, the competitor can submit a short description of the meaning or significance of their cable design. 

Your pslate custom cables can be installed or not installed in your PC, and do not necessarily have to be in a traditional PC setting (i.e. indoors, in a case, etc) for this Event. It’s up to you (the more creative, the better!)!


How To Enter

All you need to do is submit your photos of your pslate customs cables via this Google form by or before July 26, 2021 and check “Yes, I would like to be considered for: the PC Build / Battlestation Event, the Cable Design Event” (whichever competitions you want to enter), and you will be considered for the corresponding Events in the 2021 Cable-lympics!

Each event has different purposes and rules, which are listed individually above.

You may not submit more than one entry per set of cables / build.


**The submission and voting windows have closed.**


enter pslate customs 2021 cable-lympics


How to Vote

Each day of the Cable-lympics, we will post head-to-head competitions on our various social media profiles and our website. You may only vote ONCE per competition per day.

On Instagram and Twitter, you will cast your vote in a poll, either in the "story" or in an individual tweet.

If you vote via our Google Forms, you will simply fill out the form and submit it.

Each competition will have a scheduled end-time for voting. No late votes will count.


What You'll Win

Each of these Events will have two rounds of competition: Group Stage and Finalists. Those who are selected as winners will receive the following:

The 1st Place Winner, or “Gold Medalist” for each event will receive a $50 store credit from pslate customs.

The 2nd Place Winner, or “Silver Medalist” for each event will receive a $25 store credit from pslate customs.

The 3rd Place Winner, or “Bronze Medalist” for each event will receive a $15 store credit from pslate customs.


Photography Tips

  • For best photography results, we advise direct light on the subject and no flash
  • If you have a glass, acrylic, or other side panel that is blocking the [direct] view of the cables, you should consider removing it for the photo
  • Make sure your photo is in focus! (Unless you’re making an artistic choice, of course)
  • Stay true to the colors. Whatever color wire, paracord, connectors, and combs you chose should be obvious in your photo. Please don’t over/under expose or filter your photo so much that the colors change.
  • If your build features RGB or any other lighting effects inside of your case, please consider submitting both lit and unlit pictures.


The Rules

We have an exhaustive list of rules which can be found here. However, this is the main gist:

  • You must highlight your pslate customs cables that you designed and purchased directly from our site to be considered.
  • You must own the rights to the photos you share.
  • Your photos must be relevant to the competition you choose to participate in.
  • Be a good person. No offensive material should be shared, posted in comments, etc. We don't like jerks, and we'll remove them from the competition or voting arena if necessary.